BetOnline Sportsbook Review

BetOnline Sportsbook
7 Overall Score

US friendly sportsbook | Rewarding betting offers | Impressive 'Stats Centre'

Only US dollar betting available | Heavily focused on US sports

BetOnline Review

BetOnline have been around since 1991 and are one of the fastest growing sportsbooks in the online betting world and one of the few US friendly sportsbooks we feature.

Based out of Panama, BetOnline have mainly focused on American and Canadian sports bettors and they're particularly well known for their high limits and record breaking free bet offers.

We've found that they really know what they're doing when it comes to customer promotions and as a BetOnline member you'll have access to a continual supply of betting offers and competitions.

BetOnline offer odds in most major US and Canadian sports including the NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA and soccer. Their racebook is pretty good and you'll usually get ok odds and find regular free bet offers on important races.

Unfortunately once you start looking for other markets, especially International/European, you'll find BetOnline's market range is a bit limited.

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There are definitely some decent odds and early lines to take advantage of at BetOnline with the best coming on major American sporting events.

As with most online sportsbooks, BetOnline offer different types of bets depending on the sport and the event you're betting on. You'll nearly always find straight bets and BetOnline offer members good options when it comes to teasers, futures, if-wins, and reverses.

They're also well known for offering some of the best parlay odds so make sure you check those out if parlay betting is your thing.

There are plenty of free bet offers to be had at BetOnline and they also run an impressive loyalty program where you exchange points you've earned betting for prizes/rewards.

You'll only need one account for both BetOnline's sportsbook and racebook, however just bear in mind that BetOnline can be a bit slow when it comes to you withdrawing your winnings.

Unfortunately BetOnline's website isn't one of the best we've bet at. It lets you find and place bets fairly quickly but it's a pretty basic website compared to the best sportsbooks.

The one area that we did find pretty impressive was the 'sports betting edge' which has tones of articles, news, sports betting tips and picks for the day. This is great for new players that want to make the most of the BetOnline free bet offer.

They've also got a tons of stats and analysis material for those that like that kind of thing which can often turn the odds in your favour.

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BetOnline Betting Odds

As previously mentioned BetOnline offer decent odds on US and Canadian sports and if that's what you're looking for then a BetOnline account is a must.

For those looking to bet on European or International sports then you may not find the exact market you want or get the best odds if you do.

BetOnline offer great parlay odds as well as regular free bet offers and for some types of bettor just those bonuses are enough to give BetOnline the edge.

BetOnline Markets

BetOnline is clearly aimed at US and Canadian bettors with their sports markets heavily focused on North American sports in particular.

The largest markets are baseball, basketball, football and hockey and you'll find great coverage as well as regular betting offers on all national and college leagues.

BetOnline also takes bets on a range of other markets including motor racing, boxing, golf, soccer, martial arts and tennis but you'll struggle to find many International markets apart from big global events like the World Cup or Olympics.

BetOnline Website

It's a shame but BetOnline's website isn't one of the best when it comes to displaying the various markets and odds that BetOnline offer. From a graphical point of view it's pretty simple and not up to the standards that some of the best sportsbooks provide to their members.

In saying that, BetOnline offer all of the basics you'll need from a US friendly sportsbook plus they offer an excellent stats centre that can help turn the odds in your favour.

BetOnline Website:

BetOnline Email:

US/Canada Tollfree: 1888 426 3661
International: 00507 206 3369

BetOnline, Panama City, Panama

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