Understanding Sportsbooks Moneyline Bets

With so many online sportsbooks featuring betting offers on sporting events, increasing numbers of people are learning about and engaging in sports gambling.

Many online sportsbooks offer free bets to new members, making it easy to take the leap from being a casual sports fan to becoming a sharp sports betting fan.

However, it's critical to understand exactly how the most common sports wagers work before taking that leap, as you shouldn't squander free bet offers.

The most basic way that online bookies offer wagers on sporting events - whether as free bets for new users or ones that require a user to deposit money into an account - is through sportsbooks moneylines.

The fundamental thing to understand about betting on sporting events is that sportsbooks have to set odds on any given outcome of a game or match that people want to bet on.

In other words, it doesn't make sense that a sportsbook offers even money on any given proposition as there's no point in staking any money on it as you wouldn't win any if it came to pass.

For example, if the 49ers are at home playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, clearly the 49ers are more likely to win, and therefore it would be bad business for online sportsbooks to allow bettors to wager $100 on the 49ers to win $100.

At the same time, the sportsbook would want to incentivize people to bet money on the underdog Jaguars by offering better than even money to sports betting fans that free bet on Jacksonville.

It all comes down to probability. Online sportsbooks assess how likely it is for any outcome to occur based both on expertise and logic as well as on public perception, and they offer betting odds accordingly.

It's in the interest of online sportsbooks to offer bets that will receive roughly equal amounts of money on both sides of a proposition, so they will also adjust the betting odds as the game approaches to ensure that this happens.

The simplest way for sportsbooks to express this probability and to inform bettors how much they stand to win on a wager is through moneylines.

Sportsbook moneylines are betting offers in which a number is placed next to each team in a game or next to each possible outcome of a scenario that is preceded by either a minus sign (-) or a plus sign (+).

A proposition that is the favorite - or more likely to occur - will have a negative sportsbook moneyline, which means that a bettor must risk a larger amount of money for the chance to win a smaller amount.

Meanwhile, a proposition that is the underdog - or less likely to occur - will have a positive sportsbook moneyline, which means that sports bettors can risk a small amount of money for the chance to win a large amount.

Here are betting offers expressed as sportsbook moneylines for the hypothetical example mentioned above:

San Francisco -150
Jacksonville +200

To understand sportsbooks moneylines for a favorite, you need to remember that they must risk the amount of money that follows the minus sign for every $100 they hope to win. In this example, you must risk $150 for every $100 you wish to win.

If you wager $250 on the 49ers using the latest $250 Bovada free bet and it wins, then you get back your $250 and an additional $100 payout. But if San Francisco loses, then the $250 free bet is lost.

To understand sportsbooks moneylines for an underdog, you need to remember that they must wager $100 to win the amount that follows the plus sign.

In this example, you could risk $100 on Jacksonville to win $200 using Intertops $100 free bet. If the underdog Jaguars pull off the upset, then you'll get back the $100 plus an additional $200 payout.

But if the Jags lose, then the $100 is lost and you need to start over if you want to win some money.

It's a simple concept, but it might take some practice before a bettor fully understands how sportsbook moneylines work. Therefore, it's advisable that beginners make use of free bets that online sportsbooks offer.

Placing free bets means that you're not risking own money, yet can still win money and earn profits from the free bets that are out there.

Basically sportsbook moneylines are a common way that sportsbooks express to bettors how much they stand to win if they take a certain proposition.

Most of the best sportsbooks have a free bet offers for new members, sports fans that are new to sports betting and sportsbook moneylines should begin by placing free bets to get the hang of how it all works.

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